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start your application to become an ESC volunteer

If you're interested in becoming a long-term volunteer at YFU Flanders, we'd like to invite you to complete our application form.

Volunteering is a significant commitment for us, so our form isn't just a quick task. It includes questions that require thoughtful consideration. Take your time, reflect deeply on the questions, and please, be sincere in your responses.

We're not looking for lengthy, academic answers in perfect English. What matters most to us are genuine responses in your own words. We value authenticity over perfection. Our aim is to have happy volunteers in our office – individuals who can grow and learn. We're not searching for the "best" volunteer; we're seeking the best fit.

Don't worry if your English (or Dutch) isn't flawless. What we're interested in is your passion and motivation for joining the ESC, not your English proficiency.